Problem : Writer Loading a special file.Working in Open Office 4.1.3. under Ubuntu 14.04.The file is a large file of about 550 KB containing about 30 pages of endnotes. The bulk of the file has been put into a section to include the endnotes. Some indices follow the section.When the file loads, it begins to render the endnotes. The page indicator shows that the file is enlargening. After a few pages of enlargening the file crashes takinig all other open files with it. A banner comes up saying that due to an internal error AOO has crashed and upon reopening the file will be recovered. Upon reopening, the file is recovered only to crash again Thus the file is caught in a recovery loop. What is going on? I would very much appreciate getting a stable copy of this file.

Please help.

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https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/v … mp;t=87592
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